Welcome to Inventive Grassland

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Welcome to Inventive Grassland

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Inventive Grassland Pvt. Ltd. is a startup organization focused in the field of Organic farming & trading of high quality organic food products. Our objective is to spread awareness about the benefits of organic farming and motivate farmers for organic farming. All this while making sure that farmers get maximum returns on their investment while the consumers get to enjoy fresh quality products at lowest prices.

  • Fresh Quality Products
  • Organic Products
  • Fresh/ Hygienic

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Growing Healthy Food

We are working towards a solution where farmers will be motivated for quality farming. In return, they will get assured market and good returns on investment. At the same time, consumers will be able to enjoy the assurance of high quality on the products they are consuming.

  • Assurance of High Quality
  • Assured Market and Good Returns
  • Benefits of Organic Farming

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Good Returns on Investment

Harvest Innovation

Organic Farming

Good Returns

Quality Assurance

Assured Market

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Harvest Innovation

Harvest Innovation